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Online coaching

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The new Elite Performance Coaching Package includes a list of services.
Allowing you to freely choose what you need, when you need it most.

We guarantee improvement in at minimum 3 areas of your life.

   - 🔥 Become leaner - drop fat fast
   - 💪 Grow muscle - get defined
   - 🧠 Increase brain power - become smarter
   - 🧬 Live longer - increase longevity
   - 🔋 Feel energised - enjoy higher energy
   - 🔧 Solve pain - fix old joint pains
   - ✨ Look better - be happy with that human in the mirror

How it works

Calendar icon

1.  Book consultation

Book in a time that suits you best.

Please block out up to 45mins for our consultation.

Video chat icon

2. Chat with Me

Here, we build an effective plan forwards to ensure you have optimal progress. 
We look over your goals, history, injuries, and areas you'd like to optimise for higher performance.

Training plan icon

3. Complete form

This initial form allows me to understand your dietary needs, preferences, eating schedule, and setbacks to solve. This means you get an optimal diet that is both easy to follow, and fits your lifestyle.

Payment icon

4. Payment

If you're impressed, and happy to proceed after our consultation, we then continue to payment.

Training program icon

5. Receive Training plan

Your training plan is then built based on your goals, body type, injuries, and equipment available to you.

This generally takes 1-2 days based on workload, as it is not a copy/paste job (unlike most).

Nutrition icon

6. Receive Diet plan

Your diet is designed based on dozens of multivariate factors, centrally focused on accelerating you towards your goal whilst optimising your brain & body. Takes 1-2 days, as it is completely tailored.

Form icon

7. Fortnightly check-ins

Each fortnight, complete a quick survey that guides our next virtual check-in.

This allows us the optimal use of our time together, to ensure you are progressing quickly & continually.

support icon

8. Full support

Any questions can always be asked via email or message, with timely and informative responses.

You now have an incredibly resourceful professional researching for you; I'm an asset to be used.

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Bonus eBook Gift 🎁

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Unleash the full potential of your brain-power with this concise guide to the perfect nootropic stack.

Enhance cognition, boost memory, accelerate problem solving, reduce stress, and more.

Gain your competitive edge.

Elite Performance Coaching package​ 🏆

20 value-adding services 💪:

1. 🎯 Maximized Results with Monthly Goal Setting & Progress Tracking:

Real growth, via setting and achieving measurable targets.

2. ⚙️ Dynamic Weekly Program Reviews & Adjustments:

Tailor-made to your needs, ensuring optimal progress and results.

3. 💪 Master Your Strength:

In-depth squat, bench & dead-lift technique assessments & customised correction programs.

4. 🧠 Comprehensive Neurotransmitter Assessments:

Optimise mental and emotional health every 12 weeks.

5. 🔬 Routine Blood Testing Analysis:

Unlock key insights into your health and make informed choices every 12 weeks.

6. 🧪 Customised Nootropic Recommendations:

Elevate your cognition with guidance on nootropics tailored to your unique biochemistry and lifestyle demands.

7. 💊 Personalised Supplement Strategies:

Boost your results with expertly curated supplement recommendations.

8. 🍽️ Full Nutritional Analysis:

Uncover insights for a healthier you.

9. 🥗 Customised Nutrition Plans:

Strategically designed macros, calories, nutrient timing, and meal frequency to fuel your success.

10. 🏃 Personalised Warm-Up Protocols:

Boost performance, reduce risk of injury, and prime your body for every workout.

11. 🏋️ Expert Training Form Analysis:

Enhance your workouts and prevent injuries with professional guidance each week.

12. 🕴️ Posture Perfected:

Comprehensive Assessment & Individualised Correction Program to enhance overall movement and well-being.

13. 🧘 Exclusive Stretch Program:

Improve flexibility, mobility, and reduce stress with tailor-made routines.

14. 📚 Unlimited Access to Premium Stretch Library:

Enhance your recovery with targeted stretching techniques.

15. 💆‍♂️ Discounted Physiotherapy:

Exclusive discounts to support your injury prevention or rehabilitation.

16. 👥 Thriving Private Facebook Community:

Connect with like-minded individuals, receive support, and share your journey.

17. 💰 Exclusive Member Savings:

Unbeatable discounts on premium clothing, supplements, food, and more.

18. 📱 Furlani Fitness App Access:

Track progress, manage workouts, view nutrition plans, and stay connected on the go.

19. 🔐 Secure Personal Client Login:

Access resources, e-books, tips and tools.

20. 📘 Unlimited Access to Exclusive E-books:   

Fuel your knowledge and elevate your journey with top-quality resources.

Transform your life and become the best version of yourself with our all-inclusive health and fitness package designed for success.

Act now and unlock your full potential! 💫

Choose your plan

  • Online Coaching

    Every week
    • Access to most services
    • Limited access to upcoming benefits
    • Limited diet services
    • Support via email
  • Highest Benefits

    Gold Online Coaching

    Every week
    Our highest tier of online coaching.
    • All benefits included
    • Full access to upcoming benefits
    • Priority support on all channels
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