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Personal chef services from Brisbane personal trainer Furlani fitness

Personal Chef Services

❌😕 The Problem:

Meal prepping is time consuming and tedious.

An hour of your time at work is worth [X] dollars, but an hour of your weekend is worth a lot more.

Meal prep is roughly 2 hours of your weekend spent in the kitchen doing unexciting work, when you should be relaxing and enjoying your weekend.

Personal time is precious. You can't put a price on personal down-time, and mental health.

Grocery shopping is a chore.

Strolling the aisles, trying to remember what you need for your diet. All while trying hard to avoid those dangerous aisles full of treats.

✅😀 The Solution:

I've hired a professional chef, to cook for you

Furlani Fitness is always seeking ways to add value to it's clients. So, to solve the issues of cooking and shopping, I'm introducing a new service of personal meal prepping for my clients who value their precious free time.

Your meals will be professionally prepared by our chef.

Now you can spend your weekend relaxing, with the peace of mind knowing you don't have to think about cooking.

👨‍🌾🤝 Sourced from local farmers

Sourced fresh from the City Botanic and the West End farmers markets.
I've sought out only the organic merchants, and grass-fed meat suppliers, to ensure the food is always high standard. 

Ingredients are hand selected from these markets every Sunday morning.

Foods are ensured to contain:

- High density of nutrients via organic farming, and limited seeds in livestock feeding.

- Free range, pasture fed meat.

- No phthalates.

- No Glyphosate (Round-up).

- No pesticides or herbicides.

Plus, this service will be supporting the livelihoods of local farmers directly.

💎 High standards are priority

I have a high standard for what I provide to my clients, as you may have seen.

All diets are built based on years of research & experience. No foods selected are below the standards I allow for my clients.

Diets are designed to incorporate only the most optimal and best fitting ingredients.

Now your food can be cooked at a professional level, knowing I've set those same high standards for your food preparation.

Standards include:

- No MSG

- No seed/vegetable oils

- No high toxicity plant foods (eg. almonds,  or spinach)

- No estrogenic plant foods

- No Teflon or plastics used during cooking

- Organic wherever possible

- Locally sourced wherever possible

- Gluten free

- Low or no lactose

- Species appropriate 

- Neurogenic foods included  (brain boosting)

- Anti-aging foods included (DNA repairing)

Steaks prepared for brisbane personal trainer furlani fitness
Kebabs for brisbane personal training services
Market stall foods for brisbane PT personal training
Market stall foods photo taken by a personal trainer service in brisbane city
Sashimi for a personal trainer chef services
Steaks being cut for chef services offered by a personal trainer
Meal prep for brisbane personal trainer gym business

How it works

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1.  Personal diet designed

Your diet is designed by Isaac - based on dozens of multivariate factors, centrally focused on accelerating you towards your goal, whilst optimising your brain & body.

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2.  Groceries

Organic foods are hand selected from local farmers markets each Sunday morning. Anything not sourced here is bought from local supermarkets (organic chosen). 

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3.  Prepared by our chef

Our chef collects the food, then gets to work on his craft. Cooking your food using a variety of methods, with a style and passion for food that only a true chef could have.

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4.  Delivered​

Your food is then packed into containers for easy reheating, then into a larger box for easy take-home.

This is delivered to Goodlife Edward St each Monday, for easy collection when you visit the gym.

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5.  Payment

For total transparency, the groceries are tallied alongside the cost of the chef service, and an invoice of both is emailed to you for your inspection, should you wish to check the cost of any ingredients.

Get started

Contact me today to get started

Once your diets been designed by me, you can get started as soon as you like.

Just hit the button, and it will all be organised for you.

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