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Below is a list of Mobile Apps that I use on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

They're useful for increased productivity, tracking & measuring things, learning, self-improvement and many others.

The ones I've listed are all ones that I've personally tried and found benefit (as with many of my clients).

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or better alternatives. I'll add them to the testing list, and update this list if they succeed.

This page contains some affiliate links that I may make a 1-5% commission off, at no extra cost to you.

Cronometer - app suggestion from Brisbane Goodlife Personal Trainer

Nutrition tracker

The only food tracking app I'll use. It pulls food data from large national/international databanks and compiles them in easy to read charts.

Also the only app I've found that can track things like individual amino-acids, subtypes of vitamins and various other trace elements.

Free version has 90% features

Snorelab - app suggestion from Brisbane Goodlife Personal Trainer

Sleep tracking 

I found this useful for sleep self-experiments.

It records through the night and gives you an easy to read frequency chart plotting levels of snoring.

You can also select factors you've used that night, to give you correlations of what helps or hinders good sleep.

Free trail or $8 for 3mnths

Twilight - suggestion from Brisbane Goodlife Personal Training


Many phones have a blue-light filter by default. Twilight is far superior to the default system. Better options for deeper filters, slow transitions, lowering your screen brightness below the default limits. Meaning you can read at night without getting sucked into your phone or putting off sleep. 

Free (95% features) - Android only

Todoist - app suggestion from Brisbane Goodlife Personal Training


The best to-do list app that I've found so far. Good integration across platforms & within other productivity apps, as well as a useful priority and grouping system. Plus easy to use widgets for Android users, and IFTTT automations.

Free (80% features) or $48/yr

Vivino - suggestion from Brisbane Personal Training Furlani Fitness


Great for wine drinkers. Just scan the label of any bottle of wine, and it'll tell you the overall rating from hundreds of people, reviews, tasting notes, smells, and similar varieties. Plus it'll tell you the avg price so you know whether you're paying too much. Essential for any wine lover.

Free - easily saved me hundreds

Goodreads - suggestion from Brisbane Personal Training Furlani Fitness


Useful for tracking your 'To-Read' list or books you've previously read, and when. Also great for seeing what your reader friends or favourite authors/speakers are currently reading.


Loop Habit - suggestion from Brisbane Personal Training Furlani Fitness

Loop Habit Tracker

I've used Loop at least 5x daily since I installed it in Feb 2020.

It really helps me keep track of new habits I'm trying to adopt, or old habits I'm trying to overwrite, with easy to read charts for tracking & pattern recognition. Simple and effective.


The Stoic - recommendation by Brisbane Personal Training

The Stoic

A simple reminder to pursue self-mastery. 

A philosophy quote in notification form, set daily or weekly at a preferred time. Useful for provoking deeper thought, sparking introspection, or simply a reminder that your mental models & cognitive patterns can always be improved.

Free - Android only

My Muscle Anatomy - recommendation by Brisbane Personal Training

My Muscle Anatomy

Useful for exploring the anatomy of the human body in 3D.

Allows you to remove or hide sections, labels and explains things clearly.

Good app for enhanced learning of the body.


Duolingo logo


The most popular language learning app. Good for setting the habit of learning if you're sometimes lazy. Duo has bite sized lessons, promotes competitive behaviour and does a great job of gamifying the learning experience. Probably the best bet if you're unsure. 

Free (with ads)

Busuu - recommendation by Brisbane Personal Trainer


Busuu was great for helping me learn Japanese. I found this to be more effective than other apps, with useful proficiency planning/estimating and habit tracking. However it didn't take long to finish all the content within the Japanese course they provide.

Free & paid options.

Mullvad - recommendation by Brisbane Personal Training

Mullvad VPN

Cyber-security should be a standard practice for anyone in the 21st century using tech. Mullvad offer the most privacy of any VPN I have seen. They require no personal details for signup, take bitcoin, cash by mail, gift cards, or standard credit card.

Plus, it all open sourced code, open to critique and BS detection.

$5 per month for 5 devices

Nord VPN - recommended by Brisbane's top Personal Trainer Furlani Fitness


NordVPN ranked top 5 in most areas, across multiple independent websites.

I bought the 2yr pack; it seemed good value, and came with 2 bonus software. However, I'm suspicious of their privacy practises and whether they honour human rights.

$135 for 2 years

Scrambled Exif - recommended by the top Personal Trainer Isaac Furlani

Scrambled Exif

Cleans all geolocation and 'metadata' from an image before you share it. Android only, for now.

Very useful when sharing personally taken photos online.

Free and Open source (FOSS)

Signal - recommended by Brisbane's top Personal Trainer Isaac Furlani


A secure, private messaging app. Used by many top-level execs, lawyers, founders and leaders. Signal is one of the most trusted secure messaging services on the market. Their apps user friendly, and syncs across devices. I was surprised to see how many of my clients already used it.

Free, w option donate.

Brave - recommended by Brisbane's top Personal Trainer Isaac Furlani

Brave web-browser

Replaces Chrome, Safari, etc. Designed for privacy. Blocks thousands of trackers & ads, whilst adding many layers of higher security standards.

Browsing without ads feels so much easier on the eyes, but primarily it saves valuable attention and time. Plus they pay you in crypto if you opt-in for ads.


Ledger - recommended by Brisbane's best Personal Trainer Isaac

Ledger Live

Software wallet for Bitcoin. This is the app that runs alongside your Ledger device (hardware wallet).

Simple to use, syncs with multiple chains quickly, and syncs across your own devices easily. 


Wyze - recommended by Brisbane's best Personal Trainer Isaac


Accompanies the Wyze security cameras, sensors, etc.

Allows you to see all security warnings and a live-feed on your phone, with the touch of a button.

Simple cost effective peace of mind.


iTalki  - Suggested by Personal Trainer Isaac


Virtual language tutoring. This really tightens the feedback loop (you get instant corrections), which drastically hastens language acquisition. I had 3 different tutors per week, charging between $7-23 for 45min. All native speakers. All good teachers.


Sphinx Chat - Suggested by Brisbane's best Personal Trainer Isaac

Sphinx chat

Online forum, running on Bitcoin lightening, meaning it's anonymous, encrypted, uncensorable and open for all. Sphinx allows you to pay creators directly. I often pay a few 100sats to my favourite podcast hosts whilst listening.


Bitwarden - Suggested by Personal Trainer Isaac


Secure and convenient password storage.

It's 2022; you have no excuse to still memorise passwords or use your own 'fool-proof' system. Bitwarden generates randomised passwords up to 128 char's long, and syncs across many devices. Everything's securely encrypted using 256-bit AES.

Free plan available

Protonmail - Suggested by Personal Trainer Isaac


A privacy focused, secure and encrypted email that also blocks trackers. Based in Switzerland, and completely open-source (community audited).
Proton offer a suite of privacy focused desktop services, like calendar, email, cloud. 

Free plan available

Malwarebytes - Suggested by Personal Trainer Isaac


Monitors for ransomware, spyware, adware, viruses and other malware.
Open-source (community- audited), and provides a good layer of protection on all of your devices.
The daily scheduled deep-scan is something I like for my mobile.
Costs are based on device numbers.

$4-6 per month (annual is cheaper)

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