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Below is a list of my favourite Probiotics.

Whilst there are thousands of brands & products out there, most of them contain irrelevant and unproven strains. This would be the equivalent of paying for a racehorse like Phar Lap or Winx and receiving a mix-bred dog or cat.. Generally speaking only the patented strains are ever worth looking at. 

The ones I've listed are all well researched, backed by RCT studies and ones that I've personally tried and found benefit (as with many of my clients).

Links are simply the cheapest/easiest places that I use to buy them online. 

Please let me know if you find anywhere better, so I can update the list. 

This page contains affiliate links where I may make 1-5% commission, at no extra cost to you.

Bluebiotics probiotic - suggested by Furlani Fitness Personal Training


The highest scoring probiotic from multiple independent reviewers. Boasts 11 patented strains incapsulated in a newer designed shell touted to defy stomach acid, these guys should make it to the gut where they can form new colonies.

I noticed increased creativity after using them for 1mnth. Which is a strong metric for brain health, that I really pay attention to.

Dose: 1-2x daily until finished

Resistant Starch

Resistant Starch

A complex carbohydrate/fibre - or 'prebiotic' - that isn't effectively broken down by our body. Instead it feeds our gut bacteria which provide us with great mental & physical energy while improving our metabolism & mood. This is the best prebiotic I've found so far, great cost value too. Just avoid if you have high iron/manganese issues.
Woolworths also sell this in the gluten free section (green banana flour).

Dose: 2g morning & 2g night


InnovixLabs Multi-strain

My favourite probiotic. By far the highest number of scientifically-backed strains, at clinical doses and it's generally under 50 bucks.

Very good return on investment in my opinion. 

Personally I noticed this one work reasonably quickly too. 

Dose: 1-2x daily with food

Biokult probiotic - recommended by Brisbane Personal Trainer

Bio-kult Boosted

My 2nd favourite probiotic. The strains included make this a definite stand out. All strains have been shown in studies to provide benefit to their host. Aspects such as cognitive, mood & energy improvements as well as digestive, immune and over-all health.

Dose: 1x daily with food

Terraflora probiotic - recommended by Personal Trainer in Brisbane

Terraflora Synbiotic

Spore forming bacteria that produce unique nutrients delivered right to our intestinal lining, ready for absorption. The bacteria in Terraflora are also found out in the wild, in among the dirt, where humans came from.

Adding these to the diversity of your microbiome should create a noticeable improvement to energy, immune function and mood.

Dose: 1-2x daily until finished

Sauerkraut - suggested by Furlani Fitness personal training services

Ceres Organics - Sauerkraut

Used for more than 1 thousand years across Europe and Asia, this food group provides beneficial bacteria, and small doses of vitamin-K2 (thanks to the bacteria).

Fermented vegetables are probably the only form of veg you should eat.

I notice a great reduction in sugar cravings when eating 50g daily.

Dose: 50g daily

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