Browser Extensions

Below is a list of Browser Extensions that I use on a daily basis.

They're useful for increased productivity, decluttering the workspace & mind, and tracking tasks/projects.

The ones I've listed are just ones that I've personally tried and found benefit.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or better alternatives. I'll add them to the testing list, and update this list if they succeed.

This page contains some affiliate links that I may make a 1-5% commission off, at no extra cost to you.


Brave web-browser

Replaces Chrome, Safari, etc. Designed for privacy. Blocks 1000's of trackers & ads, whilst adding many layers of higher security standards.

Browsing without ads feels much easier on the eyes, but primarily it saves valuable attention & time. Plus, they pay you in crypto if you opt-in for ads.




Protects you from being tracked by “free” centralized content delivery. It prevents a lot of requests from reaching networks like Google Hosted Libraries, by serving up local files, so requests don't ever need to be sent. Complements regular content blockers.



Privacy Badger

Learns who's tracking you, sends them global signals to cease, if ignored, this blocks them permanently after 3 strikes. Compliments uBlock & Adblock.



uBlock Origin

Open-source, very efficient ad-blocker that's easy on CPU footprint. Increases browsing security through a unique method.


HTTPS everywhere.jpg

HTTPS Everywhere

This add-on simply upgrades every connection to HTTPS automatically. Then your connections are upgraded to the latest high encryption standards.

Brave browser has this feature built-in.




Removes tracking elements from URL links. Ever notice some links contain "utm_source=something"?

Well, that's tracking, and it's unnecessary for the page to work.. CleanURLs scrubs that junk from the link prior to accessing it.




Spent time googling for discount codes? Honey automatically inputs all codes ever associated with a shop, and selects which combo gives you the best savings. All with one click.

It's constantly sourcing new codes, so you'll get discounts that only private groups get. 

Free - Saved me hundreds. 

Ad block.jpg


In Chromes early days, these guys were the only thing between you and the insurmountable pop-up ads. This was before GoogleAds created some structure to the chaos. I've been using Adblock since '12.

It's free, however, I donate because of how much utility they provided for free when no one else would.




The best to-do list app that I've found so far. Good integration across platforms & within other productivity apps, as well as a useful priority & grouping system and widget for mobile. Also links with other chrome extensions.

Free (80% features) or $48/annually


Momentum Dash

Provides a peaceful dashboard with a nice time display, pomodoro timer, or a '% remaining for the workday'. You can add a 'Daily focus' line to keep you focused on the days direction too. Plus to-do list and daily quote options. 

Worth it for the serene pictures alone.

Free (85% features) or $3/month



Useful if you're someone who often has 20+ tabs open at once with frequent toggling between tabs & windows. Great for labeling & grouping relevant tabs or saving tab groups for later use.




F.lux was the first PC blue-screen filter. Est 2000, well & truly before the research findings became popular common-knowledge. A game-changer for many night-owl nerds back then, and now.




Upgrades the look of Wikipedia pages, to make them more user friendly and easier to find useful sections or image galleries.

Also allows link previews and an easier table-of-contents. Useful for study.



EndNote Click 

Saves a lot of time when researching across many journals.

This pop-up will open the study into a full-page pdf, and allow you to save & organise each study for later. Helpful when some journals make it hard to access the pdf by hiding it, or using paywalls.




Secure and convenient password storage.

It's 2022; you have no excuse to still memorise passwords or use your own 'fool-proof' system. Bitwarden generates randomised passwords up to 128 char's long, and syncs across many devices. Everything's securely encrypted using 256-bit AES.

Free plan available



A privacy focused, secure and encrypted email that also blocks trackers. Based in Switzerland, and completely open-source (community audited).
Proton offer a suite of privacy focused desktop services, like calendar, email, cloud. 

Free plan available



Monitors for ransomware, spyware, adware, viruses and other malware.
Open-source (community- audited), and provides a good layer of protection on all of your devices.
The daily scheduled deep-scan is something I like for my mobile.
Costs are based on device numbers.

$4-6 per month (annual is cheaper)