Stress - supplements & products

Below is a list of my top recommended items for combating Stress & Anxiety.

As always, they are only the most well researched, scientifically-backed, and self-tested items of which I believe give the highest return for the cost & effort involved.

All of these I use myself, and as such, have omitted any items that I found to be bogus.

The links included are simply the cheapest and/or easiest places that I use to buy them online.  Please let me know if you find anywhere better, so I can update the list. 

This page contains some affiliate links that I may make a 1-5% commission off, at no extra cost to you.


Lithium Aspartate

Lithium is greatly gaining popularity for it's ability to regulate mood, stress, some psychiatric disorders as well as boost cognitive performance. Our modern food severely deprives us of this element, and so supplementing with it can have surprisingly noticeable results.

Dose: 5mg daily



Studies found this herb lowered cortisol levels (master stress hormone) by up to 30%. An effective herb that helps your body adapt to stress & learn to manage stressors easier. Certainly noticeable in reducing anxiety. 

Very useful to treat general feelings of anxiety and sleep-loss caused by stress or excessive rumination.  [r][r]

Dose: 1x Morning & 1x Night

Glutathione 2.jpg


Glutathione is the master anti-oxidant in the body. Ever heard of a food being an 'anti-oxidant'? Often it's just raising your bodies level of glutathione by causing 'micro-damage'.

This stuff is the real deal. It will help you body deal with stressors at a biochemical level.

Dose: 250-500mg daily
(1-2wks at a time)

Calium & magnesium.webp

Magnesium & Calcium

Magnesium is quite uniquely essential for over one thousand completely different biochemical processes throughout the body. Without it, many things can & will go haywire. Among these, magnesium is needed to relax muscle tissue. Calcium's also a great addition, as it's needed to create serotonin - the happy hormone. 

Dose: 1x morning & 2x night



An amino-acid found in tea, able to promote relaxation without drowsiness. Effective for reducing anxiety, very effective for clean focus if paired with coffee, especially if caffeine sensitive. If you can imagine caffeine being a powerful Ferrari, L-Theanine would be the Pirelli tires. If caffeine was a machine-gun, L-Theanine would be the laser-targeting system. Normally chaotic energy, yet together, a deadly combo of precision.. [r][r]

Dose: 1x morning, 1x night

Vitamin D3

Needed for immune function, testosterone & serotonin production, sleep cycle regulation & many other important things. With our indoor lifestyles, it's hard to get adequate levels. Also shown to greatly improve symptoms of depression & seasonal depressive disorder (the winter blues).

Unless you work outdoors for 10hrs a day, you're likely deficient.

If you're an office worker, this stuff is worth it's weight in gold.

Dose: 1x morning only



5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is a precursor to melatonin, and serotonin, the neurotransmitter responsible for Flow state, and task enjoyment. Taking 5-HTP can improve mood, and sleep quality.

I find 5-HTP useful as a social lubricant, as it both calms anxiety and improves mood towards happiness. There's also evidence of it resolving binge/stress eating. 


Dose: 100-200mg



Needed to protect brain cells, as well as facilitate neuronal messaging (brain activity).
PS levels naturally decline with age.
PS supplementation decreases cortisol (stress hormone) and anxiety. 
Increases, BDNF, neurogenesis and dendritogenesis, which improves learning and memory. [r][r][r]

Dose: 100mg each night

Accupressure mat.jpg

Accupressure mat

I was quite sceptical about this one, but after doing the research it made sense enough that I bought a cheap mat and gave it a try. Admittedly it felt like laying on a bed of scattered Lego the first time, however it was oddly soothing after a few attempts. Here's the cheap equivalent that I use.



Inositol  (myo-inositol)

A cheap & effective anxiolytic (lowers anxiety), with mild anti-depressive effects. Cerebral inositol levels unfortunately often naturally decline with age. Also found to lower instances of binge-eating/stress eating. Funnily enough it tastes mildly sweet too. [r][r][r]

Dose: 5-12g


6-Phase Meditation

I was unsure about meditation, as many prior attempts seemed to 'fail'. Little did I know, it's a skill, much like juggling, and 'failing' (learning) is a part of the process.

This 18min track surprised me with a feeling of elation, and a sporadic clear-headedness that I can only describe as: like having a 10yr mild headache suddenly just dissolve. Truly, worth a try. More info.