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Covid protocol

The author of this website is not a medical profession of any nature. Information provided is for educational and informational purposes only, not practical application, and does not substitute for professional medical advice. The practises, ingredients and drugs listed should never be taken or used without medical supervision or consultation from a medical profession or healthcare provider, and should not be regarded as 'safe' for anyone regardless of indication or situation. The ingredients and practises listed do not come without risk, and may cause undesired effects.

The reader is responsible for seeking medical advice regarding new supplements, diets, or health related changes to their current method.

The author is not liable or responsible for errors, omissions, risks or issues associated with using, reading or acting upon the information provided, as it is clearly stated this is solely for educational and informational purposes.

This page contains some affiliate links that the author may make a 1-5% commission off, at no extra cost to you.

If you are feeling unwell, please seek medical attention immediately.

The following is a list of things shown in the current literature to hasten the recovery of covid symptoms. 

Roughly ranked by importance.

This is what I've used, and is a summarised version of the Food & Supplement Guide - Corona Edition, by Chris Masterjohn PhD; a document with over 157 references. Additionally, please support Chris' research by donating, or buying something from his online shop(I've done both).

This page was developed during my first time with covid, so please excuse any mistakes or typos.

Everyday use:

This is a list of things worth using for everyday use, to lower the risk and prepare the body for what is likely to be inevitable.

VirD and K2 supplement - suggested by personal training service in Brisbane city


Maintain vit-D blood levels at 50-60ng/ml (look for 25-OH-D on blood test results).   

This can be done via supplementing 5,000iu of vitamin-D daily (preferably in the mornings).

Vitamin-D & A is critical for immune system function [r][r]. Vitamin D ⬆ lymphocytes (white blood cell that protect against covid), as well as ⬆ production of antimicrobial substances that kill viruses, also ⬇ interleukin-6, which causes the excessive inflammation from covid [r][r][r][r][r][r][r][r][r].

$14.95 - 60srv

Zinc supplement recommended by brisbane personal trainer


Eat foods or supplements containing 7-15mg of Zinc daily, for 1 year. 

Done via eating 1-2 oysters or supplementing, daily. Avoid taking zinc alongside grains, seeds, or leafy greens, as they block absorption. Zinc may inhibit 2 proteins required to replicate Sars-cov-2[r][r]. Notably, zinc takes up to 1yr to accumulate healthy stores in the body, thus the higher dose.

Tinned Oysters at woolies $1.50

VirD and K2 supplement - suggested by personal training service in Brisbane


Maintain a K2 dose of ~200mcg per day. This supplement provides both Vitamins D & K2.

K2 is necessary to prevent calcification of blood vessels and lung tissue (among other elastic tissues) which protects them from stress [r][r]. Covid patients presented significantly low K2 status, with severe cases presenting lower levels than mild cases [r].

$14.95 - 60srv

Copper supplement recommended by brisbane personal trainer


Eat foods or supplements containing 4-8mg Copper daily, for 1yr. 

If eating oysters for zinc, they provide 2mg per oyster (the logical choice). Copper is required to balance zinc. Notably this dose is high, and is only required for the high dose of zinc during a 1yr storage loading phase.

Tinned Oysters at woolies $1.50

Pill box product recommended by brisbane personal training

Weekly pill organiser

Solves the issue of having to open up every single container every morning & night; saving time & cognitive resources. 

Of the varieties I've tried, this one seems to hold the most per section, while still having the button lock, which prevents a weeks worth spilling all over the floor like m&m's.. 

$15 on Amazon

KN95 mask - recommended by a personal trainer in Brisbane

KN95 mask

You have the right to choose to use a mask, if it's your thing. The KN95 are high industry standard for airborne particles (not oil, gas, or vapor).

These are effective against viruses; as cotton masks are like trying to catch a fruit-fly with a tennis racket.

$10-25 on Amazon

Potential exposures:

Things to use when a very close exposure, or infection, was highly likely to have recently happened.

Betadine Ready To Use Sore Throat Gargle


Rinse mouth & gargle with 1%w/v solution. 

Rinse 2x for 20sec each time.

Iodine's had medical-antiseptic use since 1811; Providone-iodone since 1855. It was found to effectively inactivate SARS-CoV-2 [r]. Also found a 3x ⬇ risk of infection, 2500% ⬆ in patients clearing the virus within a week, ⬇ hospitalisation 84%, and  risk of death 88%[r][r]. Others support the evidence[r][r][r].

$7 (get a few)

Nasal irrigation product - advised by a Brisbane personal trainer

Irrigation system

Irrigate nasal cavity with 1%w/v solution. 

Rinse each side with a luke-warm solution. It was found to be effective at killing SARS-CoV-2, plus 3x ⬇ risk of infection, 2500% ⬆ in clearing the virus in <1wk, ⬇ hospitalisation 84%, and ⬇ risk of death 88% [r][r][r][r][r][r].

$18 on Amazon

Infection certain:

Things for when it's confirmed, you've got the 'rona.

Vit-D 10,000 supplement - suggested by personal trainer in Brisbane


High dose for the first 3 days. 

Day 1 & 2 = 100,000iu per day.

Then 10,000 per day until recovered.

Vitamin-D blood levels can take months to raise. High dosage can expedite this process, to a point, which should raise your blood levels closer to where you need them. 

25-OH-D at 50/60ng/ml was found to have many protective and restorative effects in covid patients


Great explainer by a favourite engineer-turned-nutrition-nerd.

$7.50 - 120srv

L-Glutathione supplement - advised by Brisbane personal trainer


When respiratory distress is noticed use 1,000-2,000mg per day, (max 5,000mg/day).

Our bodies make glutathione as its master antioxidant. It rids toxins, prevents mucous from sticking in the lungs, dilates airways for breathing, and protects lung tissue from damage [r]. Studies indicate increasing glutathione blood levels can mitigate respiratory distress. It's also antiviral, and computer modelling suggests it may prevent SARS-CoV-2 from entering our cells [r][r][r][r].

$14.10 - 60srv

Paracetamol supplement - advised by Brisbane's top personal trainer


500mg 3-4x per day. 

2x upon waking, 1x with lunch, 1x with before bed.

This helped tremendously with fevers and inner-ear issues. Use as you see appropriate, but this routine seemed to work for me. 

$4.50 on Amazon

Duro-tuss product - advised by Brisbane's top personal trainer

'Wet' Cough-medicine

dose 3x per day. Morning, noon, night. 

Use as you see appropriate. This helped convert the coughs into productive efforts, instead of fruitless coughs.

$17 - 20srv

CoQ10 supplement - advised by Brisbane's best personal trainer

Co-enzyme Q10

100mg per day (1 capsule), until bottle runs out.

Our bodies make CoQ10 to generate energy within our mitochodria. Computer modelling suggests covid ⬇ our bodies bility to make CoQ10, causing low energy [r]. Covid patients with pneumonia showed significantly low levels of CoQ10 [r]. This leads to excessive oxidative damage, causing cell death, leading to the long term fatigue reported post-covid. 1 large study found CoQ10 lowered rate of hospitalisation by 82% [r].

$22 - 120srv

Melatonin supplement - advised by Brisbane's top personal training service


1-5mg per night, 30min prior to bed.

It's likely this is expediting recovery by virtue of improved sleep quality. However melatonin has antioxidant & anti-inflammatory effects. Melatonin signals nearly every cell in our body to begin nigh-time recovery. 1 study showed melatonin cut in half: time to recover to original health, time to leave hospital, and total deaths [r]. Weak evidence, but a good sleep is priceless. I've used these nightly for years.

$4.35 - 180srv

Black seed oil supplement - advised by Brisbane's best personal training service

Black Seed Oil

Take 2x softgels daily: 

1x morning, 1x noon.

In vitro, black seed oil kills the SARS virus. Computer modelling suggests parts of black seed inhibit numerous proteins needed for SARS-CoV-2 to replicate. 3 studies found black seed oil lowered severe infection incidence 13x, and shortened recovery time by 3.5days [r][r][r].

$10.15 - 120srv

Vitamin A supplement - advised by the top personal trainer in Brisbane

Vitamin A

Take 5,000iu per day, with food.

Vit-A supports skin & mucous membranes in providing a barrier against pathogens. Also required for producing antibodies and all immune cells. Similar to Vit-D, patients with covid had lower Vit-A levels, with sever cases having lower levels than mild cases. Studies show a 5-7 fold reduction in likelihood of death, and a 3x reduction in risk of infection [r][r][r][r][r].

$7.30 - 100srv

Fish oil supplement - suggested by Brisbane's best personal training service

Fish Oil (EPA & DHA)

Take 1x morning, 1x night.

Supplying >200mg each of EPA & DHA.

Eat egg yolks, grass-fed liver, and lots of fish. EPA acts as an inflammatory inhibitor, DHA acts a an inflammatory resolver [r][r]. Two weak studies showed a decrease in recovery time, and a 7-fold decrease in deaths among post-ICU patients [r][r]. Notably, one study was possibly industry manipulated.

$15 - 240srv

L-Arginine supplement - suggested by Brisbane's best personal training service


1.5grams 2x per day, with water, before a meal.

Totalling 3g/day. 

Naturally found in protein, Arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels. In the lungs, it combines with glutathione to open up the airway for deeper breathing. One study showed ICU covid patients taking 3g/day were 6.6x more likely to reduce dependence on oxygen support. Also none in the Arginine group died, compared to 6.3% in the placebo group [r].

$5 - 60srv

Quercetin supplement - recommended by Brisbane personal trainer, Furlani Fitness

Quercetin Phytosome

3x per day, divided between breakfast, lunch & dinner.

Computer modelling indicates quercetin may inhibit a protein SARS-CoV-2 needs to replicate. Studies found it ⬆ people to clear the virus in 1wk 8-fold, ⬆ number of people to become symptom free within a week 3-fold, ⬇ risk of hospitalisation 3-fold, 4-fold reduction in time spent hospitalised, and a 15-fold ⬇ in likelihood of needing oxygen support [r][r].

$37 - 60srv

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